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Breakthrough Presentations

  • New Government Center - 1st Floor, Room 161/162 1055 Monterey Street San Luis Obispo, CA, 93408 United States (map)

Win Hearts and Minds

To win the hearts and minds of any audience, master the three V’s of presentation. Introduction The three V’s of presentation — Why visual, vocal, and verbal skills are essential, but not equally important.

1. Visual skills — Looking good—the most important of the delivery skills. • Eye contact — Learn the simple secret of instant credibility. • Facial expression — Why you must smile more than you do. • Gestures — What to do and what not to do with your hands. • Appearance — The three rules of dress that promote credibility. • Movement — Learn the one essential move that telegraphs confidence. • Posture and staging — How and where to stand—there is only one place.

2. Vocal skills — Sounding good—the three dimensions of your voice. • Dimension 1. Volume — Your most important vocal quality—and most people abuse it. • Dimension 2. Rate and pausing — People who tell you to slow down are wrong. • Dimension 3. Pitch — How to get the “music” into your voice. • Diction, ums and uhs — Speak clearly. And rid yourself of these once and for all.

3. Verbal skills — Making sense. Follow the IMPACT process and format: • Introduction — Provide instant interest and context for your message. • Main point — Frame your message in two sentences: (1) a big idea and (2) a call to action. • Points — Support your main point with support points—an agenda, credenda, or procedure. • Analysis — Support, expand, and explain your points with details. • Conclusion — Repeat your big idea and expand upon your call to action at the end. • Tag line — After a Q&A session, come back with power. • Designing visuals — Design effective slides.

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